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Wedding Entertainment - a rolling stones tribute band in the UK

Top Wedding Entertainment: Hire a Live Band for an Unforgettable Celebration in the UK

Looking to make your wedding day truly unforgettable? Look no further than ‘The Rolling Stones Now’ for your wedding entertainment! With their electric energy, timeless classics, and captivating stage presence, this band is guaranteed to get your guests on their feet and create an atmosphere of pure rock ‘n’ roll joy. From the iconic guitar riffs to Mick Jagger-esque dance moves, ‘The Rolling Stones Now’ will bring a whole new level of excitement to your special day. Book them now and get ready to rock your wedding like never before!

How do I keep people entertained at my wedding?

When it comes to entertainment for weddings in the UK, there are several popular options that people book:

  1. DJs: DJs are a common choice as they can play a variety of music genres and cater to different tastes. They often offer a wide selection of songs and can keep the dance floor lively throughout the night.
  2. Live Bands: Live bands are another popular choice for weddings. They bring a unique energy and atmosphere to the event, performing live music that resonates with the audience. Bands can adapt their playlist to cater to different genres and can create a more interactive and engaging experience for guests.
  3. Solo Musicians or Duos: Some couples prefer a more intimate and relaxed ambiance, opting for solo musicians or duos. These performers can create a cozy atmosphere with their melodious tunes and are suitable for smaller wedding ceremonies or cocktail receptions.
  4. Magicians and Entertainers: For a touch of magic and excitement, many couples hire magicians or entertainers to keep guests entertained during the reception. These professionals can mingle with guests, performing mind-boggling tricks or engaging performances that leave a lasting impression.

The Rolling Stones now are one of the top wedding bands in the UK


However, a band like ours has the ability to truly elevate the wedding experience and make it a night to remember. Our live performance can create an electrifying atmosphere, engaging guests of all ages. Rocking for over 25 years, our set will to get everyone on their feet, dancing and celebrating your joyous occasion. The unique blend of live music, dynamic stage presence, and audience interaction that our band brings will ensure that the wedding reception is an unforgettable experience for all attendees.


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