The Definitive Tribute to the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones Now are The Definitive Tribute to the Rolling Stones.

The Definitive Tribute to the Rolling Stones

As Mick Jagger said: “What can a poor boy do except to sing for a rock’n’roll band?”

Well, since 1998, The Rolling Stones Nowthe definitive tribute to the Rolling Stones – have been rocking and rolling at venues, festivals, and events throughout the UK and beyond. A quarter of a century on – and with hundreds of scorching gigs under their belt – the band are still breathing fiery life into the Stones’ era-defining music

The Rolling Stones live and authentic at YOUR event

Few acts are as hard to pay tribute to as The Rolling Stones, since few acts come close to being as iconic as they are.

You need attitude. You need panache. You need a tribute band that can capture the indefinable aura that helped the Stones turn audiences into screaming, frenzied animals when they walked on stage.

And that’s all before mentioning the fact that you need to have a frontman who has the gravelly growl of Mick Jagger’s voice, a guitarist who can work the riffs perfected by Keith Richards, a rhythm section that can hold down the hypnotic bluesiness of the tunes, and a Ronnie Wood – you know, just to make sure the whole experience is complete.

The Rolling Stones Now are, by all accounts, the definitive tribute to The Rolling Stones. While many Stones tribute bands have sprung up worldwide in the last six decades, few have been as widely acclaimed as RSN.

More than just a band for hire

Part of the appeal of The Rolling Stones Now is that they don’t fall into the trap of other tribute bands, many of whom simply lift the lyrics and melodies from records, darn a few ‘60s-inspired rags, and give lukewarm ‘impressions’ of Jagger & Co.


The Rolling Stones Now go out of their way to recreate the band’s look authentically (with exact replica costumes and instruments). Beyond this, they’ve spent years perfecting a live set that captures the sound, energy, and atmosphere of the Stones’ seminal gigs. The Rolling Stones Now have tapped into the magic of concerts likeThe Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus, Free Gig at Hyde Park, andthe Get Yer Ya Yas Out tour; in doing so, they bring that magic to their own tribute performances. Similarly, live recordings such as Got Live If You Want It and Flashpoint have inspired the band’s look and sound.

An authentic live tribute to the Rolling Stones

The UK’s number one tribute to the Rolling Stones

They don’t just copy the songs note for note from the albums.  Why?  Because the Stones themselves transform, expand and improve upon their songs in live performances.  In 25 years of gigging, this team of professional performers have striven to do the same.

 Explaining how The Rolling Stones Now rose to prominence – and infused songs like ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, ‘Paint It Black,’ and ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ with the requisite amount of soul and passion – the band said: “Our gigs are a celebration of all that has made The Rolling Stones legendary. Mick’s pout, Keith’s riffs and Bill’s stony face are all on show.”

“You get what you need”: Why The Rolling Stones have stood the test of time

Decades on from the birth of modern rock music, The Rolling Stones still sound as vital now as they did when they first landed on the scene.

The reason for this is self-explanatory – it is, quite literally, all in the music. ‘Satisfaction’ cut like a knife when first blasted from radios in 1965; people sat up and paid attention as Richards delivered a devilishly sinister opening riff, and Jagger sang about existential (and sexual) frustration. In the following years, people heard the haunting Eastern-inspired rhythms of ‘Paint It Black’, the operatic, cinematic samba rock of ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, and the cutting polemic howls of ‘Gimme Shelter’. Within half a decade, The Rolling Stones had released songs that were so striking, innovative, and outrageously popular, that they’d still be talked about 100 years after every member had been buried.

If recent years are anything to go by, The Rolling Stones’ appeal hasn’t been dulled even for a new generation. Hackney Diamonds – the band’s most recent album – was released in October 2023, shooting straight to the top of the charts and showing they could still impress with new music. Meanwhile, their most recent tours and gigs have demonstrated they can continue to pack stadiums worldwide.

The Stones have created an incredible legacy for themselves, which in turn has produced astounding tribute acts like The Rolling Stones Now. And, with each passing year, Mick, Keith, Ronnie, et al are still very much intent on building on that legacy…

“Just a kiss away”: Why a Rolling Stones Tribute Band is perfect for weddings, festivals, birthdays, weekenders and more…

With 2023 being their 25th anniversary as a tribute band, The Rolling Stones Now are very much celebrating their own legacy. The band is one of the most seasoned tribute acts out there, and they boast plenty of recommendations from music lovers and bookers.

The Rolling Stones’ music is, of course, incredibly versatile – as well as being incredibly popular. This means a tribute band is always a winner for any kind of social event. The Rolling Stones Now have had the humble honour of bringing the band’s music to a wide range of special occasions over the years – from weddings to birthdays, and from summer festivals to bespoke private events. No matter what stage they’re on, the band’s brilliance is their ability to emulate the zeal of the Rolling Stones’ music.

“With soul, baby”: The Top 5 Rolling Stones Songs

 (you may disagree!)

The Rolling Stones have a discography so large that it’d take days to comb through. However, if you need a quick refresher on some of their best tracks, here are 5 to listen to:

5. ‘Gimme Shelter’ – Part of Keith Richards’s wizardry is how he manages to plant images into your mind with just a few licks of the guitar. Such is the case in ‘Gimme Shelter’, a song where the iconic opening riff manifests the heady, brewing chaos of warfare and destruction that Mick Jagger then goes on to reference in the song’s verses. The howling chorus refrain of “War/It’s just a shot away” feels like it’s been imprinted onto your skull by the time the song draws to a close.

4. ‘Tumbling Dice’ – The most bluesy Rolling Stones song – and possibly the most bluesy song ever written. ‘Tumbling Dice’ sees Jagger dive headlong into the seedy world of dubious women, down-and-out gambling, and cheap ephemeral pleasures. A beautiful, hard-hitting, stiff drink of a tune.

3. ’Wild Horses’ – The band ramped up the emotions on ‘Wild Horses’, their epic meditation on longing, love, and desire. The song lyrics are difficult to interpret (as is the person the song is addressed to), but ‘Wild Horses’ is defined by a deep-rooted sense of passion – evoked most clearly in Mick Jagger’s crooning voice during the song’s chorus.

2. ‘Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No)’ – Has any song come as close to capturing the mood of a generation? Probably not. In 1965, with the release of ‘Satisfaction’, The Stones tapped into the sense of anger and restlessness felt by millions of people in the 1960s, as they tried in vain to find meaning in a seemingly uncaring world. ‘Satisfaction’ is a loud, righteous protest song against the abiding human feelings of unhappiness and frustration.

1. ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ – The Rolling Stones have never sounded as tight, as catchy, as alive as they did on their 1968 single ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’. This song might’ve been back-to-basics blues rock, but it comes injected with so much verve that, like ‘Satisfaction’, you simply cannot forget it after hearing it. The Stones have performed ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ over 1,100 times live, showing that they get as much of a kick out of it as their audience does.

“Gotta move while it’s still fun”: The Rolling Stones members and their legacy

The Rolling Stones have been in business for over six decades now, and their line-up has only changed marginally in that time. Here’s a recap on the band – now and then:

Current Members

The band is fronted, of course, by the exceptional Mick Jagger -whose rasping voice, incisive lyrics, charismatic personality, and signature strut have all made him one of the most recognisable frontmen in the world.

The songwriting partnership of Mick Jagger and the band’s guitarist, Keith Richards, is the stuff of legend. Richards and Jagger are credited with having penned most of The Rolling Stones’ songs together. Richards is also noted as one of history’s greatest and most influential guitarists.

Ronnie Wood initially joined The Rolling Stones temporarily in the 1970s, after the departure of previous member Mick Taylor. Quick to call himself one of the biggest fans of the Stones – who also happens to be in the band itself – Ronnie Wood fitted like hand-in-glove when he eventually became a permanent band member in 1976. He has been touring, performing, and recording with them ever since.

Past Members

The Rolling Stones have had almost a dozen former members over the years, with some having left at the early stages of the band’s history and others having stayed with them right up until their death.

Among the most prominent former members are Charlie Watts, the band’s original drummer, who died in 2021; Bill Wyman, the band’s bassist from the early 1960s until his departure in 1993; and Brian Jones, who was part of the Rolling Stones from 1962 until his death in 1969.

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