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A Stones Tribute Show unlike any other!

an authentic rolling stones tribute show
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The Rolling Stones tribute band, known as ‘The Rolling Stones Now’ takes their dedication to another level by meticulously focusing on the authenticity of the iconic stage outfits worn by the legendary rock ‘n’ roll group. They go above and beyond to recreate the ensembles that have become synonymous with The Rolling Stones performances. From Mick Jagger’s flamboyant jumpsuits, to Keith Richards’ distinctive rockstar wardrobe this Stones tribute show combines the live experience of the Stones with costumes that embody the spirit and style of the band paying homage to their timeless legacy.

The quest for visual accuracy

We decided early on that we were going to produce a live experience, not a copy of the albums and neither a complete copy of a full gig. When you ask your average person about the Stones costumes, they pick out the broad brushstrokes of Mick in a catsuit, Keith in leopard print and then it might get hazy. 

We as a tribute band do pride ourselves on time-period accuracy but wanted to make a show that looks like the Stones to your average consumer whilst also having enough accuracy and attention to detail to scintillate a mega fan, without excluding an average audience member from familiar silhouettes.

Mick’s Voodoo Lounge: Sympathy for the Devil – Costume.

This costume has had a recent update and includes some little Easter eggs. Mick’s costume changed as the tour went on but there’s one version that has the most pictures.

Jagger costume for the Stones show
Mick's costume for the stones tribute show

Our version of the suit has changed up a few of the talismans, there’s a little sculpted tongue on the jacket, and there are two Pirates of the Caribbean coins on there as a link to Keith’s previous film role and although the back of the original had a painted design on the back, ours has lace skulls with some feathers for drama! There are so many little chachki’s (trinkets) in Mick’s costume so we like to have a few in-jokes of our own; there’s a few we can’t divulge 😉

Brian’s Rock and Roll Circus – Wizard’s Robe

There are only a few pictures of his wizard robes and none of those or the film itself shows it very close up so we had to make something which looked close enough to accurate from the audience.

stones tribute show with Brian Jones

The silver shapes on the costume include a cat, a bull, the moon, a star, the female sign, a fish and a bull; a little bit satanic a little bit astrological. It’s a very warm costume so it’s on for the first few songs then it gets revealed normally to a version of Brian’s outfit he wore during the rock and roll circus performance.

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