Moves like Jagger

Playing Mick in the Rolling Stones tribute band ‘The Rolling Stones Now!’

Mick Jagger’s moves are infectious, from strutting, prancing, jumping and hip shaking, to running, spinning, hand clapping and of course pointing, punching and pouting. Jagger cites Tina Turner as teaching him how to dance in the mid sixties, and his moves have certainly been a key element in defining the Stones’ live performances ever since.  

I’ve never really been much of a dancer, but once the gig starts, I lose all inhibitions and the strutting starts. Although nothing is set in terms of the choreography, there are certain songs which bring out specific moves. Jumpin’ Jack Flash is always full of split leaps, whilst Sympathy for the Devil includes a fast foot shuffle in the solo section. Honky Tonk Women has the signature Jagger ‘funky chicken’, and Brown Sugar is full of clapping, strutting and pouting during the main riff and solo.

At our 4th gig back in 1998 we were performing at the Half Moon in Herne Hill, filling in for another Stones tribute. We were a little out of our depth, and I was very nervous. During the first half, a lady was shouting at me to “move your feet!” every few minutes, as I was pretty much rooted to the spot. It was simple, she paid to see a gig and wanted the Jagger moves. It was the best heckling I could have received and one which has stayed with me ever since.   

moves like jagger in a stones tribute band
Richard with Moves like Jagger, perfected over quarter of a century!

An article in the Telegraph (1st March 2024) stated Mick Jagger covers an estimated 12 miles at an average gig and you can see why – he never stops moving. In a way that’s at the core of a Jagger performance; the strutting and the swagger are the moves of Jagger and it’s why so many people (especially at a gig) are doing their own Jagger moves in the audience. It’s all about the attitude, energy, spontaneity and the fun of putting on a rock and roll show! 

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