The Rolling Stones (Now) release a new single during lockdown…

homage to the rolling stones

Here, our frontman Richard who has played Jagger in the Rolling Stones Now (Tribute Band) for 25 years, explains the excitement of creating our original Stones-esque track during lockdown. It was a blast!

‘Lockdown’ The Single

Spring 2020 arrived, the world was in lockdown, and the prospect of gigging again anytime soon did not look good. Like many bands we were in limbo, after 22 years of performing in theatres, festivals, clubs and pubs, we had nothing in the diary. As many other millions of people did, we had a zoom call (see below!) ; a band meeting where we talked over past gigs, drank beer and swapped stories of what life was like at the moment.

The final track and video – a Rolling Stones tribute band records an homage to the Stones!

It was in this meeting I thought that maybe we could use our current situation to do something creative, something that we had never done before. Coincidently, the Rolling Stones had done similar in 2011 when they contributed the song ‘Watching The River Flow’ to the Ben Waters Boogie 4 Stu album. They all recorded their tracks remotely…

The band loved the idea of recording a new song, an original Rolling Stones Now song – all I needed to do was write it! The actual song did not take that long to write, I simply asked myself what would each of the band members be doing during lockdown, it was a direct response to the pandemic and the words were flowing. The opening riff was very Keith inspired, with shades of Brown Sugar and Exile on Main Street and then the rest seemed to write itself.

recording a homage to the rolling stones
Recording our Rolling Stones homage

Once complete, I recorded a guide track on guitar and laid some vocals down, I then sent it over to James (Charlie) who put the drums on. The premise was that each of us would contribute what we wanted, without discussion, and that would become the song – an ensemble effort. Once I had the drums, I rough mixed them and sent them to Martin (Bill), who laid the bass down. This was then added and sent to Guy (Keith), who put down guitar, unfortunately Jim (Ronnie) did not have any equipment to record, so Guy put down both guitars. Once everything was recorded I put down the vocals again and some harmonica, then Guy mixed and mastered the whole track. ‘Lockdown’ was complete!

Jim suggested we make a video, which he would edit and create, so we each filmed ourselves both playing to the song and also acting out the mini scenarios e.g. Keith doing yoga, Bill making homebrew, Charlie using his brushes to paint a fence and Ron baking. The whole process from conception to releasing the song took just over a month. So after 22 years of tributing the Rolling Stones we had an original song of our own and I’ve got to say we were pretty happy with the result. It’s a fun, upbeat, Stonesy, rock’n’roll song coming out of a very dark time, plus it was a good excuse to collaborate with friends on a brand new project – It’s a ‘Rock down Lockdown!’

Let us know what you think of our Rolling Stones homage!

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  1. Love this! I remember seeing it on YouTube when you first recorded it. Funny video as to be expected from you guys. Hope you’re all good! Rhythm Druid

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