The Definitive Tribute to the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones Now are The Definitive Tribute to the Rolling Stones.

The Definitive Tribute to the Rolling Stones As Mick Jagger said: “What can a poor boy do except to sing for a rock’n’roll band?” Well, since 1998, The Rolling Stones Now – the definitive tribute to the Rolling Stones – have been rocking and rolling at venues, festivals, and events throughout the UK and beyond. A quarter of a century … Read More

The Rolling Stones Now tribute act: Playing Bill

Tribute act

The devil is in the details… Looking for a Rolling Stones Tribute act? Book us here Martin plays Bill Wyman in the Stones Tribute act: THE ROLLING STONES NOW!Find out more about Life in a Stones band At last. It’s here.  After a couple of issues, my new Vintera II Series 70s Competition Mustang Bass finally arrived from GAK in … Read More


Book a Stones band for a wedding, birthday celebration, festival or theatre gig in the UK

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be part of the electrifying world of tribute bands that pay homage to the iconic rock group, The Rolling Stones?   Probably not.  But we’re going to tell you anyway! The Rolling Stones Now (established in 1998) are a leading ‘Stones band’ based in the UK.  These five guys capture the essence of … Read More

Putting on a Stones Tribute Show

book a stones tribute show for a festival

A Stones Tribute Show unlike any other! The Rolling Stones tribute band, known as ‘The Rolling Stones Now’ takes their dedication to another level by meticulously focusing on the authenticity of the iconic stage outfits worn by the legendary rock ‘n’ roll group. They go above and beyond to recreate the ensembles that have become synonymous with The Rolling Stones … Read More

The Rolling Stones (Now) release a new single during lockdown…

homage to the rolling stones

Here, our frontman Richard who has played Jagger in the Rolling Stones Now (Tribute Band) for 25 years, explains the excitement of creating our original Stones-esque track during lockdown. It was a blast! ‘Lockdown’ The Single Spring 2020 arrived, the world was in lockdown, and the prospect of gigging again anytime soon did not look good. Like many bands we … Read More

What is the difference between a tribute band and a cover band?

Stones cover band The Rolling Stones Now

The Rolling Stones Now are a Stones cover band…well actually they are a STONES TRIBUTE BAND! So what’s the deal, with tribute bands and cover bands? If you’re a music enthusiast like me you might be wondering about the nuances that set these two types of bands apart. Well let me enlighten you! In this article we’ll take a dive … Read More

Top Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment - a rolling stones tribute band in the UK

Top Wedding Entertainment: Hire a Live Band for an Unforgettable Celebration in the UK Looking to make your wedding day truly unforgettable? Look no further than ‘The Rolling Stones Now’ for your wedding entertainment! With their electric energy, timeless classics, and captivating stage presence, this band is guaranteed to get your guests on their feet and create an atmosphere of … Read More

Edinburgh Fringe 2005

‘The 21stCentury Stones’ (as we were known then) at the Underbelly in August 2005 towards the end of a gruelling 26 gigs up at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We also supported ourselves as the ‘Kinda Kinks’ gigging for 2 hours each evening starting at 11.30. One night the gig was disrupted as there was a fire evacuation, we all went … Read More

Getting ‘Satisfaction’ on French TV

August 2012 after we had just performed live on French TV on a bus which was situated by the Tower of London, we played ‘Satisfaction’. The legend which is Jimmy Cliff also played on the breakfast programme. Following our performance I ate 8 pain au chocolate on the bus; we all then went for a coffee afterwards to Weatherspoons still … Read More

Covent Garden Gig!

The Rolling Stones Now (when they were known as the Strollin’ Bones) were the first band to play under the arches in Covent Garden, London on the 22nd August 1998 after applying for permission from Westminster council. The 30 minute acoustic set kicked off at 4pm and comprised of Satisfaction, Brown Sugar and Jumpin’ Jack Flash amongst others. Following their … Read More